First World Problems

I think one major problem with my generation of growing teenagers is our laziness and the outcome of this is the number of first world problems we have. They aren’t legitimate problems that have a significant impact on our lives, they’re exaggerated minorities in comparison to major global issues such as domestic violence, poverty and whatnot. Yet, these, frankly, pathetic issues manage to exist in our daily lives.

I’m one of the many people greatly affected by first world problems but even though many first world problems greatly influence my life, I managed to narrow my first world problems down to my top 10.

10)When you go to a restaurant and they have Pepsi, but not Coke.

9) When you forget to carry an umbrella with you and it starts raining.

8) When you have to wait in line at the supermarket for what seems like forever.

7) When the barista at Starbucks messes your order up.

6) When your iPhone is dead and someone else has an iPhone charger but it’s the old charger.

5) When you go to a souvenir shop and they have every single name but yours.

4) When you leave your headphones in your pocket and they get super-tangled.

3) When you’re sitting in a comfortable position with your laptop but it’s low on battery and the charger is too far away.

2) When you’re all snug in bed but then you realise you’re hungry. Or better yet, you need to pee.

1) When you are deprived of internet and life seems worthless.

Check out how many first world problems you have on this Buzzfeed quiz:


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