Why I Suck At Cleaning

I am very obsessed with keeping stuff clean and organised but the sad and annoying thing is, I’m too lazy to do sh*t. Sometimes, I have these days where I’m pumped to binge clean my entire room and organise every nook and cranny of my den. Today is one of those days and four hours into binge cleaning and I’m already sick of it. Honestly, the day starts of pretty well – I vacuum everything, rearrange my desk and storage cube thing – but when clothes come into the picture, everything goes downhill.

First, I take all of my folded clothes that are in a messy condition out of my wardrobe and either dump them on the floor or my bed, whichever one is available really. And it’s usually not the brightest idea but I never really learn from my mistakes. So, once all of my clothes, ALL of them, are in a metre high stack, the folding begins. But after a while, I slowly start to get off track and this usually begins by jamming out to songs while dancing and jumping like a hooligan on my bed, which causes the pile of clothes to become a new pattern for my floor and before I know it, clothes are everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

But then, just because I’m enjoying myself so much, I decide to lie down on my clothes and use them as a blanket and bed and pillow while watching movies on my laptop. By the time one movie has finished, no work has been done whatsoever and my room looks like Valleygirl, Cotton On, ICE, Supre and Factorie blown up with all the clothes fallen of the rack and lying around in the weirdest places.

And around this time, I make the worst decision which is either to watch YouTube, Friends, Modern Family or The Mindy Project and by now, the time is like 5pm and I realise I’ll have to pull an all-nighter but that doesn’t stop me from watching all 236 episodes of Friends.

The clock strikes twelve and I’ve never been more unmotivated in my life. As fatigue dawns upon me, I shove all my clothes into my wardrobe and call it night, thinking I’ll finish cleaning tomorrow.

But, of course, me being the lazy person I am, when I wake up the next morning, feeling super motivated and pumped to organise my room, I repeat the process of laziness and since this started, not once has my room been immaculate. Guess I just suck at cleaning, huh.


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