Surviving Road Trips

So in Sydney, it’s currently winter and each year in winter near the end of June, we Sydneysider school kids get a two week holiday, where we get fourteen (give or take a couple of days) glorious days, free from the wrath of school! For the spectacular two weeks of freedom this year, my parents decided to go road trippin’ around certain parts of Australia, for no apparent reason. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy travelling and exploring new cities and places, but sitting in a car can, just sometimes, really take its toll on me. Sure, at least I’m not driving, but sitting for 15 hours straight (albeit inclusive of a limited number of breaks) as you fly past endless kilometres of dull trees that have lost their natural colour, and beauty, ends up being the exact opposite of FUN for some people, not inclusive of me at all [pfft, not a chance ;)]

In an attempt to maybe alleviate you of the pain and suffering that comes with the pleasure of experiencing a road trip, here’s a list that I’ve compiled on dealing with the spectacular adventure of sitting in a car for majority of the day.

1. Prepare a lengthy playlist, consisting of songs that are appropriate for going on road trips. Trust me, the longer the playlist, the better. And especially with music, I find that time just flies while engaging oneself in a solo, or better yet, group, jam sesh. This article on BuzzFeed is a great starting point to compile an exceptional playlist.

2. Take a fair number of books with you, as many as possible because one can simply not have too many books, especially while road tripping. Although it is highly likely that you will not get around to reading all of them, it’s better to have additional entertainment, just in case. The books that you carry with you don’t necessarily have to be relevant to road trips, but one can never go wrong with a BuzzFeed article, summing up great road trip reads.

3. Ensure you have a perfectly fluffy and plush pillow to provide you warmth, love and comfort for the length of your road trip, and make sure that you keep it by your side, maybe accompanied with a small blanket. For me, pillows and blankets are life savers on road trips and I could not imagine going on a long drive, ever, without my adorable unicorn pillow.

4. Keep an abundant supply of water, fruits, vegetables and whatever junk food your heart desires, within reach of you at all times. Whenever you feel parched or could go for a snack, accessing the trunk of the car (leading to parking on the side of the road and creating a hassle) is not necessary since all important food resources are right by your side.

5. Have regular breaks, every two or three hours, at a rest area of service station. This allows you to have a stretch, take a bathroom break, and purchase some food if required. Sitting for extended periods of time can be harmful to your legs and by stretching on a frequent basis, it allows them to return to a more comfortable state before resuming a seated position.


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