My Experience With Skiing

I’m not going to sugarcoat it, so here it is. Skiing is pretty damn hard. I’ve always watched people ski and have always wanted to attempt to do so, each and every time I’ve visited the snow! Fortunately, I had the opportunity to ski for the first time in my life and I was quite excited. Looking forward to the experience of skiing, I did not think that it would be fairly difficult, since professionals like these guys make it seem so easy and doable. So one fine day in early July, 2015, I set off with a group of friends to have my go at the wondrous sport of skiing (and can I just add, that although it personally doesn’t seem like much of a sport with the sliding and fun stuff, it is so exhausting!).

The first disaster came when I had to walk in my ski boots. Props to those who are able to walk around in those 20 kilogram metal boots of DEATH because I honestly could not feel my feet for hours. And it wasn’t just how constricting the shoes were; walking in them was a major task itself, due to the oddly shaped sole and completely impractical grip. For a person who cannot stand properly without just facepalming at times, because their balance is so bad (AKA ME), those ski shoes were a death trap!

So once I was safely, albeit quite uncomfortably, in my ski shoes, it was time to slide into my skis, which was another struggle. Snow tends to gather quite easily on the sole of ski shoes and putting on skis while wearing shoes that have gained about 5 centimetres of height due to snow is not possible and can lead to a klutz like me losing their balance multiple times.

After that monstrosity was out of the way, the actual skiing began. And it was actually really enjoyable; I loved sliding around in the snow, being so free and graceful (although I’m pretty sure I would have looked much the opposite of that). But gliding on leveled snow was exhilarating. Unfortunately, my instructor deemed it necessary to actually ski down slopes, which is where the trouble began.

Now, I’m proud to say that I only fell over once during those three hours, but once I started skiing down the slope, the mishaps just piled on and on. My sense of direction, for one, was absolutely abysmal; I had no control over where I was skiing and would somehow end up joining the line of another group and leave mine, about 20 metres away (and every metre walked in skis is so darn taxing).

The absolute worst part of skiing was climbing that 5 metre slope, especially when your skis against ice are like a hand gliding across the surface of water, so smooth and absolutely gripless. So naturally, each of my attempts of hiking up a slope in huge skis  did not end well; some led to be sliding for ten metres before crashing into a truck wreck (this happened multiple times, but thankfully I only fell down once!)

Basically, my skiing experience was a bit of a fiasco, but I did enjoy it, quite a bit. It is so tough though! I’d love to know how your first skiing experiences have gone so please fill out the poll and maybe leave a comment describing you first time on skis, and if it was as chaotic as mine.


One thought on “My Experience With Skiing

  1. I was lucky enough to be so young when I began skiing that it was socially acceptable for me to use wiggly snake ties to keep the tips of my skis together, ride the magic carpet and get pulled along by the pole of my instructor. Consequently, my experience was top-notch.

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