Welcome 2016

Resolutions, goals, dreams…every single one valid, appropriate, and necessary at the start of a new year.

Whether your goal the upcoming year is to exercise more, sleep more, or smile more, I’d like to point out some of the things you shouldn’t  be doing more of.


Ignorance is truly bliss; but in 2015, I read too many articles and posts regarding the lack of kindness in humanity.  Too often did I learn about others simply ignoring an elder who needs a helping hand with groceries, a little girl tripping over the curb on the street, or simply a homeless man sitting on the corner of the train station.  Obviously we can’t do it all.  We can’t acknowledge or sympathise for every individual we encounter in our daily lives, but we can start by opening our eyes.  We can start by broadening our scope about the world.  Stop ignoring the world around you.  Your life and dreams are important, we know, but start educating yourself about the shortcomings of others, understanding what someone else may be enduring, and perhaps it might make you a better person in the end.  Stop ignoring, start seeing.


We’re all human.  It’s normal to produce malignant assumptions sometimes towards others we don’t know.  But slowly, I think we should all begin to meet and greet others with a clean and fresh mind; no judgments, no labels, not predetermined feelings of negativity.  Instead, why not approach every stranger with love?  Later, if that individual disappoints, then you may make a valid decision based on your direct experience.  Judgments are not the answer to pure and genuine relationships.

Holding back.

In 2016, I hope that we can all learn to express ourselves more.  This is relative to each individual however; having first-hand experience with friends and former friends who simply choose not to express themselves openly and that’s perfectly fine.  But regardless of how you choose to express yourself: outwardly or inwardly, it is important to realize that expression is your only method of connection with the external world.  If you do not express your thoughts, ideas, and opinions to others or the world around you, how else will you develop a connection with your surroundings?  Holding back is not the answer to becoming one with yourself or your environment–simply let go, and release.

Hating ourselves.

Love. Love! LOVE!!! So many times in 2015 did I have a close friend or a Facebook “friend” tell me that they dislike themselves.  My answer is, why?  There is nothing wrong with the desire to improve ourselves and aiming to be better people, but my main idea narrows down to this:

You are the only person you will ever get to be in your entire life. Having said that, you have the ultimate power to become anyone you wish to be. Be that person.

I am guilty of all these things. It’s only natural. But the new year is a new opportunity to improve and build upon ourselves; so be wise about what you want to do more or less of.

Goodbye 2015.

Welcome 2016.


One thought on “Welcome 2016

  1. Thanks Angie, I really love this post.
    “You are the only person you will ever get to be in your entire life,” is an excellent point and I wish more people would come to terms with this fact. You’re writing is becoming very insightful.

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