Review on Penny Wong’s “It’s Time”

“The principle of equality is a powerful precept. It has founded social, legal and political reform throughout human history. It is central not only to how we envisage today’s Australia but also to the world we want our children to know.”

The article “It’s Time” by Penny Wong, featured in The Monthly is a beautifully written summation for marriage equality and its significance, or rather the lack of it, in Australia. Through the use of multiple anecdotes, in conjunction with hard-hitting statistics, the Member of Parliament is able to effectively argue a solid case for the legislation of marriage equality in Australia. Unlike other opinion articles and debates regarding same-sex marriage, the beauty of Wong’s case is that she simply states the obvious and supports factual statements with the development of Australia’s acceptance of, not just same-sex marriage but, the LGBTQ community in general over the past few decades. Wong’s eye-opening article is a must read and as an Australian who has read this article, it really makes me feel ashamed that, supposedly, such a progressive nation is struggling, and has been struggling for many years, with the acceptance of love for all.

If you do read it, I would love to hear your thoughts on this article in the comments below!


One thought on “Review on Penny Wong’s “It’s Time”

  1. Good choice; she has a very powerful voice and does not fixate on forcing the audience to empathise and sympathise with her story and experiences- which is new and refreshing for this topic. She does not play so heavily on negativity, like so many writers do. She uses her experience to positively reinforce the ideas she is exploring- not as a means of emotionally manipulating the reader into feeling a) guilty, or b) empathetic. She seems to be encouraging logical, and that is nice.

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